Restaurant Hours

Monday Thru Saturday 7am to 3pm

Sunday 7:30am to 2pm

​​​​​Restaurant Lunch Menu

You can call and order anything off our menu TO Go any time we are open.


​​​Henrys Famous Burgers

Each of our burgers are 100% certified angus beef served with your choice of fries, or home made potato chips. Add a salad for $1.95

The Basic Cheese Burger*
It’s basic, lettuce-tomato-pickle-cheese $10.50
The Ultimate Bacon Burger*
Hickory smoked bacon, cheddar & the fixings $12.65
Our Mushroom Burger*
Covered with sautéed mushrooms & Swiss cheese $11.75
Avocado Burger*
Our burger topped with a half an avocado and Swiss cheese $11.95
Charlie Chicken Burger*
A 5oz chicken breast broiled and topped with Swiss cheese $11.50
The Texas Chili Burger*
Topped with  shredded cheese, diced onions & tomatoes and served opened faced. $12.45
Big “O” Burger*
Our burger topped with cheddar, bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato, onion, & pickle’s - need we say more? $12.95
Cajun Burger
Dusted with our own Cajun seasoning and seared in cast iron pan, this one is very hot!! $11.75
Fish Burger*
Our light crispy fish filet on a Brioche bun. $11.95
​Big Daddy Burger *
​We take two 1/3lb burgers and layer it with ham, bacon, cheddar & swiss cheese then pile it high on our special

​pretzel bun. Just try to get your mouth around this one! $14.95

​BBQ Burger

​Seared to perfection and topped with crispy fried onions, pepper jack cheese and bbq sauce. $10.75

Patty Melt*

​Our burger served on a grilled dark rye bread with swiss cheese and topped with grilled onions. $10.95

Our Sandwich Selections
We are proud to serve you from the healthy to the decadent for your pleasure. Served with your choice of either a cup of soup, French fries or our homemade potato chips. Add a salad for $1.95 

French Beef & Cheddar
Sliced roast beef on grilled French bread topped with cheddar cheese and tomatoes with creamy horseradish. $12.55
Bacon, lettuce, turkey, tomato, cheddar cheese all served up on thick slice French bread.  $11.75
It’s a classic, thinly sliced corned beef topped with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese & that special dressing. $11.75
Turkey Delight
Thick sliced French bread with sliced roast turkey, Swiss cheese, avocado, & tomato slices  $11.75
French Dip
Thinly sliced roast beef on a large French roll with au-jus and creamy horseradish if you wish. $10.95
Philly Steak Sandwich
Sliced roast beef, peppers, onions, shredded Swiss & cheddar cheese over a French roll. $12.85
Chicken Philly Sandwich
Chunks of chicken grilled with peppers, onions, topped with pepper-jack cheese and special seasoning. $11.95

Sandwich & Soup of the day
Your choice of ham, turkey, corned beef, or roast beef served on either French, Sourdough, or wheat and Swiss or Cheddar Cheese. Full $9.40 and Half $8.35  
Tuna Melt

We top tuna salad with cheddar cheese on thick sliced sourdough bread with a cup of soup or fries. $9.75
Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato
Hickory smoked bacon with thick sliced tomatoes and crisp romaine on toasted thick French Bread. $9.55
Grilled Cheese
Aged cheddar cheese grilled on thick sliced French Bread. $8.25
The Classic Club Sandwich
A two layered sandwich with a BLT on top and ham, turkey and cheese below. $11.75

​Grilled Crab Sandwich

​North Atlantic crab combined with  cream cheese, mayonnaise, finely diced red peppers and our own special

​seasonings on thick French bread. $14.95
Crispy Chicken Wrap
Crispy chicken blended with romaine, Caesar dressing & Parmesan cheese in a soft wrap.  $10.95
Vegetarian Wrap
Green & red peppers, mushrooms, romaine, avocado & Diced tomatoes with a light Italian dressing in a soft wrap. $9.95
Santa Fe Wrap
Chunks or baked chicken, julienne peppers & onions, pepper jack cheese with a light Italian dressing. $10.95

Fresh Salads
When you are looking for something light there is nothing quite like a fresh salad and we have the best to select from.

Add $2.00 for a jumbo salad
 Chefs Salad
An old standard...our way! Tender slices of turkey, ham, Swiss & cheddar cheese nestled on your favorite garden greens and topped with a hard boiled egg slices. $11.50
The Puget Sounder*
A classic salad… real crab, shrimp, fresh greens, tomatoes, cucumber & lemon and served with your favorite dressing. $13.75
Hot Spinach Salad
Popeye should be so lucky! We combine fresh spinach with bacon bits, sliced egg, and beets and then top it with hot Caesar dressing and parmesan cheese. $10.70
Taco Salad
A large freshly-fried tortilla shell comes to your table filled with crisp romaine, chili, re-fried beans, taco meat, grated cheese, diced tomatoes, chives & black olives, topped off with sour cream and guacamole!!! $12.85
Henrys Chicken Sesame Salad
Fresh to the last fork full! We combine diced chicken, Almonds, chow mien noodles, diced celery & onions over a bed of crisp romaine and top it with sesame seeds. $11.25
Chicken Caesar Salad
Crisp romaine salad, broiled chicken and diced tomatoes all tossed with Caesar dressing and topped with  parmesan cheese. $11.25
Chicken Mandarin Salad
Diced chicken, celery and onions in a mandarin orange Dressing served on fresh romaine and surrounded by
mandarin slices, walnuts & tomato slices. $11.25

Cajun Chicken Salad
A breast of chicken broiled with Cajun spices, sliced and served with diced tomatoes and mushrooms top this on Romaine and add our hot Cajun dressing and pepper jack cheese. $11.75
Cobb Salad
One of our most popular. Diced chicken, avocado, egg,  Mushroom, tomato, olives, bacon and topped with

blue cheese crumbles. $13.25
B.L.T. Salad
You have loved the sandwich now try the salad. Diced bacon, tomatoes, broccoli and a sliced  hard boiled egg topped with a hot bacon dressing. $9.95
Stuffed Avocado Salad*
This one screams fresh, a full avocado stuffed with a mixture of bay shrimp, celery, onions and dressing served over  bed of fresh romaine. $12.95

A Change Of Pace
A collection of tasty selection’s we are sure you will find something just right ! Add a salad to any  of these for $1.95
 ​Smokey Cheddar Mac & Cheese

​Create your own combination. Cavatapi noodles with our own smoky cheddar cheese sauce made to order. Choose you combo

​Bacon Cheese Burger $10.95, Buffalo Chicken $11.95 or North Atlantic Crab $15.95

Joes Special*
From Joe’s of San Francisco, this great recipe includes ground beef, chopped spinach, eggs, sliced mushrooms, and onions topped with parmesan cheese and flavored just right with the special ingredients from Joe himself. $13.25
Fish N’ Chips
You have heard we have some of the best now try our lighter than air breaded Alaskan cod deep fried and served with French fries. $14.85
Beef Stroganoff
Tender strips of Top Sirloin, mushrooms and onions are teamed with sour cream and our demi glaze sauce and served over hot eggs noodles with a slice of French bread.  $14.50


​Cheese $8.95 or Chicken $10.25 Served with salsa and sour cream.

​Onions Rings

​Large Beer batter rings served with our own apricot horseradish sauce. $8.25

Potato Skins

​Stuffed with cheddar cheese, bacon , onions & olives. Served with sour cream. $9.25
Chicken Tender Strips
Crisp Strips of chicken deep fried to a golden brown. Served with French fries. $10.50

Soup of the day

​Made from scratch daily. Cup $4.25 Bowl $5.25

Salad & Soup of the day

​A cup of our soup of the day with a side salad and your choice of dressing. $7.95