(Group A)
Prime Rib (carved on location)
Chicken Oscar

(crab, spinach, & béarnaise sauce)
Beef Tenderloin
Seasoned & Broiled, then topped with a demi glaze sauce
Steak Henry
(On a bed of spinach topped with crab and  béarnaise)
Halibut or Sea Bass (market price)

(Group B)
New York Strip Loin (carved on location)
 Baked Cod W/Hollandaise
Seasoned Baked Salmon
Baked Cod Mornay ​(cheese sauce)
Coconut Prawns (with horseradish apricot sauce)

(Group C)
Barron of Beef ​(topped with demi glaze sauce)
Chicken Cordon Bleu
(topped with an alfredo  sauce)
Chicken Dijon
(topped with ham & hollandaise)
Chicken Parmesan(topped with marinara sauce & mozzarella cheese)
Top Sirloin ​​(​seasoned and broiled)

 (Group D)
Beef or Chicken Stroganoff ​(served in Cavatapi noodles)
Chicken Fettuccini ​(served in Cavatapi noodles & alfredo sauce)
Teriyaki Chicken Breast ​​(broiled & topped with a sweet teriyaki sauce)
Lasagna ​(Lasagna noodles with  ricotta cheese, Italian sausage & marinara sauce)
Roasted Ham or Turkey ​(Baked and sliced)
Roast Pork Tenderloin ​(Roasted and topped with a white mushroom sauce)
How to Order
Pick out what you would like from our selections above and then choose an accompaniments each of the categories below.  For groups over 50 you can choose two items from each.

​Rolls and butter are included with all meals
Regular, Garlic or Red Mashed Potato
Scalloped or Au-Gratin Potato, Pasta with Alfredo sauce
White, Pilaf, or brown wild rice

Mediterranean, Bahama or Normandy blends
Baby Carrots with a honey glaze
Fresh zucchini, red onion & mushroom Sautee
Cheesy broccoli, cauliflower

Garden salad  with vegetables,  Caesar Salad
Oriental Mandarin Salad
Italian tortellini,  Penne Pasta, Bow Tie Pasta Salad

This is the pricing for our dinners
Group A

One choice $29.95 two choices $34.95
Group B
One Choice $24.95 two choices $27.95
Group C
One Choice $19.95, two choices $23.95
Group D
One Choice $16.95, two choices $19.95

Dinner Catering


Cheese Cake $4.00 (with strawberries, $4.50) 
Apple Crunch $3.50 (with ice cream, $4.50)
Carrot Cake $2.75 , Brownies $2.75
 Assorted Dessert Bars $2.50   Chocolate Cake $3.25

Minimum of 25 guests, charges change below that amount
One server per 50 people required on buffet
Servers $20.00 per hour
One server & one cook per 25 people on full service dinners at $20.00 per hour.